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MCQ No.- 5 (Mango)

(1)  Alternate type of bearing habit is observed in____________? a) Mango ( Mangifera indica ) b) Guava ( Psidium guajava )…

MCQ No.- 4 (Families)

1.  Karonda ( Carissa Carandas ) belongs to the ____________family. a) Apocynaceae b) Rutaceae c) Myrtaceae d) None of …

MCQs - 3 (Vitamins)

Q. 1 Which fruit contains the maximum amount of Vitamin C?   a) Grapes b) Barbados Cherry c) Guava d) Indian gooseberry

Horticultural crop vs Field/ Forestry crops

Difference between Horticulture crops and Forestry and Field crops: Horticultural crops are well known sources of vitamins and …

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