Horticultural crop vs Field/ Forestry crops

Difference between Horticulture crops and Forestry and Field crops:

Horticultural crops are well known sources of vitamins and minerals. They are having few remarkable differences than that of the other crop types such as field crops or forestry crops. In the following table the major differences among these crop are given.

Sl no.

Horticultural crops

Field and Forestry crops


Horticultural produce are used in fresh state.

All most all the field and forestry crops are used in dry state


These produce are mostly perishable (i.e. they rot or decay in a very short span), hence can’t be stored for long.

These produce are mostly not perishable, hence can be stored for long.


Low in dry matter content (i.e. high moisture or water content).

High dry matter content


Requires intensive cultivation, large input, capital, labour and better technology per unit area of land.

Requires extensive cultivation.


Different cultural operations like, propagation, fertilizer applications, training, pruning, harvesting, post-harvest handling, marketing are skilled operations hence requiring a skilled working force or labours.

Less skilled activities like sowing (by seed), fertilizer application (only by broadcasting), weeding, harvesting are less skilled operations thus can be done by less skilled labours.


Horticultural produce is the richest source of vitamins and minerals.

Rich source of carbohydrates and proteins.


The aesthetic sense of gratification is an exclusive phenomenon of horticultural science.

Not found in others.

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