Probable Long Questions on Fundamentals of Horticulture

Probable Long Questions
Fundamentals of Horticulture
(Syllabus of 5th Dean's Committee)
1st Year, 1ST Semester B.Sc. Agriculture

Descriptive Questions

i. Give a brief note on different system of lay out followed for orchard crops, their advantages and disadvantages.
ii. How the soil is related for the growth of horticultural plants?
iii. What are the basic rules followed to plan an orchard?
iv. Give a detail note on the classification of fruit and vegetable crops with proper examples.
v. Give a detail note on scope and importance of horticulture.
vi. What are the different types of vegetable garden? Describe in brief.
vii. What you mean by kitchen garden?  Give a planed layout for kitchen garden with at least 12 plots of 3m×1m size.
viii. Which criteria must be observed before laying out the orchard? Describe in details.
ix. Describe the different methods of irrigation followed in orchard.
x. describe the different methods of fertilizer application.
xi. What you mean by training and pruning? Describe the different types of training for fruit plants.
xii. Write 10 medicinal crops with their scientific name and family.
xii. Write 10 spices and condiment crops with their scientific name and family.
xiii. Write 10 flowering crops with their scientific name and family.
xiv. How the climate is related for the growth of horticultural plants?
xv. What are the PGR? What is the difference between PGR and Photosynthetic product?
xvi. Describe the different PGR with suitable examples.

xvii. What is the meaning of un-fruitfulness in orchard crop and what measures can be taken to control it? by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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