Probable Semester Questions for Course Production Technology of Fruit and Plantation Crops (PTFP)

Probable Semester Questions for Course
 Production Technology of Fruit and Plantation Crops (PTFP)
B.Sc. AGRICULTURE (2nd Semester)
Long Questions:
       1.  Importance of fruit crops.
      2. Importance of plantation crops.
      3. Scope of fruit and plantation crop cultivation in India.
      4.  Production aspects of all the fruit crops in brief (which includes          the following sub headings
a.  Land and pit preparation.
b. Spacing and methods of planting
c. Propagation methods
d. Planting of seedlings (when and how to plant, after planting care)
e.  Irrigation
f.  Weeding
g.  Fertilization and manuring
h.  Pest and disease and their control
i. Maturity indices
j.  Harvesting and yield
k. Storage
      5.  Physiological disorders of important fruit crops
v Mango (fruit drop, alternate bearing, spongy tissue, black tip, malformation {include – symptoms, causes and control})
v Citrus-granulation
v Guava, litchi and pomegranate- cracking
      6.  Important diseases{include – symptoms, causes and control}
      7.  Important insects{include – symptoms, causes and control}
      8. Characteristics of mother plant and seedlings in coconut.
      9. Soil and climatic requirement of all crops.
     10.  Impertinence of shade plants in tea and coffee.
      11. Planting systems in strawberry
      12. Discuss the different types of grapes, with suitable varieties in each.

Short Notes (for all the crops in common)
       1. Soil
       2.  Climate
       3. Propagation methods
       4. Physiological disorders
       5. Harvesting methods
       6. Maturity indices
       7. Diseases
       8. Manuring
       9. Intercultural operation
     10. High Density Planting
   Objectives or short answer types includes Scientific name, families, chromosome number, edible parts, propagation methods, spacing, methods in planting. by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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