Root & Shoot Studies 2

Root & Shoot Studies 2

Modification of root:

Tap root of the plant some time modified for performing certain specialized functions as enlisted below.
·         Tap roots of carrot, turnip and adventitious roots of sweet potato get swollen and store food.
·         Hanging structures that support a banyan tree are called prop roots. Similarly, the stems of maize and sugarcane have supporting roots coming out of the lower nodes of the stem. These are called stilt roots.
·         In some plants such as Rhizophora, growing in swampy areas, many roots come out of the ground and grow vertically upwards. Such roots, called pneumatophores, help to get oxygen for respiration.
Morphology and growth of Root:
Roots grow in length only from their ends. The very tip of the root is covered by a root cap, which serves to protect the growing tip as it makes its way through the soil. Just behind the root cap lies the apical meristem, a tissue of actively dividing cells. Some of the cells produced by the apical meristem are added to the root cap, but most of them are added to the region of elongation, which lies just above the meristematic region (fig 3). It is in the region of elongation that growth in length occurs. Above this elongation zone lies the region of maturation, where the primary tissues of the root mature, completing the process of cell differentiation that actually begins in the upper portion of the meristematic region.

Anatomy of root:

When dissected, the arrangement of the cells in a root is root hair, epidermis, cortex, endodermis pericycle and vascular tissue (from outer to inner) in the centre of a root to transport the water absorbed by the root to other places of the plant. by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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