Carrier before and after B.Sc Agriculture

 Carrier before and after B.Sc Agriculture

            How to get into the B.Sc. Agriculture/ Horticulture courses? is a matter of concern for the students. again it is important to choose a suitable carrier after B.Sc. Agriculture/ Horticulture.                    Here in this blog, we can learn both aspects. 
            1st of all if you are a +2 student/ 12th student and interested in biology more specifically the Botany part, then after the Medical course; B.Sc. in Veterinary  Science/ Agriculture/ Horticulture/ Fisheries and/ or Forestry could be some of the better options, providing a good carrierAll the above-mentioned courses come under the agriculture and allied courses. In India, we have 3 Central Universities, 4 Deemed University and 63 State Agricultural Universities (SAUs). Apart from it, we have numerous Private and Shelf financed Organisations providing those courses.
          If you are interested to get admitted to the B.Sc. in Veterinary  Science/ Agriculture/ Horticulture, Fisheries and/ or Forestry courses then you can follow the below guidelines for getting a  good rank and college. 

Steps for preparation to get into B.Sc. in Veterinary  Science/ Agriculture/ Horticulture, Fisheries and/ or Forestry courses:

1. Be more focused on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology part.
2. Follow some standard books, to prepare for MCQs on these topics.
3. Try to solve the previous years' question papers.
4. Finally after a thorough preparation try to fill the forms of your domestic State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) and the ICAR UG APPLICATION FORMS.
** The syllabus is almost similar to medical entrance.
* Very few questions will be asked from the agriculture-related part.

For Carrier after B.Sc. Agriculture follow the link on Carriers-after-Graduation Agriculture by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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