Important questions from Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Horticultural Crops

 Important questions from Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Horticultural Crops

A. Long Questions

1. Write down the importance of Post-harvest Technology.

2. Discuss in detail the various pre-harvest factors affecting the quality of horticultural produce.

3. Write down the procedure for ethylene production and activation of the ripening gene with a flow chart. Name any two methods used for delaying the ripening process.

4. What are the major factors responsible for the deterioration of fruits and vegetables during their post-harvest storage life. Discuss any two of them.

5. Enlist and Elaborate principle of Preservation. Discuss the Carbonation and Irradiation (or any two) methods.

6. What are the changes occur during Ripening? How ripening is regulated?

7. Write in brief about the methods of low-cost storage? Write the advantages of fruit and Vegetable Preservation.

8. Write maturity indices of Papaya fruit. Describe Papaya Jam preparation with a flow chart.

9. Describe the method of Canning with a flow chart. Mention any two problems that occur during the storage of Canned products.

10. Elaborate the causes of post-harvest loss in horticultural crops.

11. What are the steps followed in the post-harvest handling of the horticultural produce? Discuss in detail.

12. Enumerate the benefits and disadvantages of different methods of harvesting.

13. What are the factors responsible for ripening of fruits. Enumerate in details.

14. What is the scope of post-harvest management and value addition of horticultural crops.

15. In detail describe the different principles of preservation. 

16. What is the difference between tomato sauce and tomato ketchup? Describe the preparation procedure for tomato sauce.

17. What do you mean by Maturity? What are the maturity indices of MANGO, BANANA, TOMATO, CARROT, and PAPAYA (any 5 crops)?

18. Describe the Preparation of juice with a flow chart.

19. How to prepare aonla candy?

20. Describe the physical, biological, chemical and virtual methods of detecting the maturity in fruits and vegetables.

21. In detail write the FPO specifications of jam, jelly, RTS, nectar, squash, tomato sauce and tomato ketchup.

22. Define maturity. Briefly describe the different types of maturity.

B. Short Notes

1. Causes of post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables.

2. Horticultural Maturity

3. Harvesting Maturity

4. Physiological Maturity

5. Maturity index of any fruit and vegetables.

6. Methods to determine the harvesting maturity

7. Extent of post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables.

8. Precooling

9. Waxing

10. Pre-curing

11. Exhausting

12. Irradiation

13. Climacteric and nonclimacteric fruit

14. ZECC

15. Hypobaric storage

16. CFB


18. Asepsis

19. Canning

20. KMS

21. Jam and Jelly

22. Blanching

23. Lye pealing

24. Problems in jam/ Jelly by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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