KITCHEN GARDENING (PART-4): Plotting of the Kitchen Garden (Kitchen Gardening Design Ideas)


Plotting of the Kitchen Garden (Kitchen Gardening Design Ideas)

What proportion one should divide the plots?

My answers to this question will be-

1. Use of Permanent main plot and subplot techniques

2. Use of permanent kitchen garden path/ roads

3. Plotting for recreation and enjoyment

Division of plots to raise your kitchen garden, after the preparation of land it is an important task for providing individual spacing for different types of crops. It is very cumbersome to go for complete land preparation for every season. Hence it is advised to prepare a few large main plots and inside the main plot, it is recommended to go for preparing a few subplots as shown in the pictures below.

It is essential to provide the main garden road and a few small roads for easy access to each individual plot. While preparing the road first of all see where you want to make the main gate? Accordingly, go for your main road connecting the main gate. Latter divide your plots according to convenience. Generally, a 1-1.5 m width is advocated for easy intercultural operations like hoeing, weeding, fertilization, etc. The length of the plots can be provided up to 2-3 m depending on the land available. Along the small roads, one can go for growing amaranthus/ leafy vegetables or can create the irrigation/ drainage channels in the latter part.

One can go for adding a few flower and foliage crops on the first few plots or making the garden design an attractive one like circular/ hexagonal type for making the eye and mind healthy. It is your garden so along with adding a few food crops one can supplement the garden with beautiful plants to make a peaceful and relaxing environment.

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