Food Ingredients and additives (Detailed Syllabus)

 Food Ingredients and Additives (Detailed Syllabus)

        This food technology course emphasizes on gaining knowledge on different ingredients and food additives which are used in the processing, preservation, and storage of food products for improved quality. The course also gives insights on the mechanism of actions of different food additives, the effect of processing conditions on additives as well as the legal standards and regulations for the safe use of food additives.

Course code: SFT4405

Course Title: Food Ingredients and Additives

Credit Hours: L:2 T:1 P:0

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Objectives of the course:

1. To understand the classification of food additives and ingredients.

2. To understand the significance of different food additives and ingredients in food quality, preservation, and storage.

3. To understand the safety of the use of food additives and ingredients.

4. To understand the effect of different process conditions on the stability of food additives and ingredients.


1. Ingredients used in food production and their technology of production and application.

2. Additives used in food preservation such as preservatives, antioxidants, humectants, etc., with respect to chemistry and food use. Food colours and dyes (natural and synthetic); their importance in processing, food flavours, and taste enhancers in food processing.

3. Additives used as aids in food processing such as sequesterants, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, stabilizers, anti-cracking and firming agents, sweeteners, acidulants etc., and their functions in food processing and storage.

4. Safety aspects of food additives. Tolerance levels and toxic levels, legal safeguards, and risk of food additives.

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