International training on "Vertical Farming​ for sustainable food production"

 International training 
"Vertical Farming​ for sustainable food production"

(Date-28th May 2023; time- 5-8 pm IST)


1.    What is vertical farming?

2.    Construction of vertical farm?

3.    Budget for vertical farm

4.    Scientific interventions for crop growth and vertical farm management

5.    Nutrient management schedule for a vertical farm.

6.    Control of pests and diseases under vertical farms. by subhrajyoti's horticulture

Hello friends, I'am Dr. Subhrajyoti , from Odisha, India. I have completed my UG & PG from OUAT and Ph.D. from JAU. During my early year of teaching, I loved to provide important information to the young agriculturists and farmers. With the suggestions from my best friend Mr. S. R. Biswal, (Ph.D. Research Scholar; website designer & content editor of (blog &YouTube), I got interested to create such an amazing platform, where I can share my knowledge to a greater range of audience and also get enriched with new ideas and knowledge. I feel privileged to be in contact with you all. I would like to thank you all for your valuable support and encouragement through viewing my articles. I will always try my best to provide the quality and latest information on this website. Thank you….

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