Aim of the experiment: To study about the preparation and storage of banana chips.


1. To know the methods of preparation and preservation of banana chips.  

2. To know the difficulties, precautions to be taken and technical know-how of the final product’s quality.

Materials required:



Spices (Red Chilli powder/ black pepper powder etc.)



Weighing machine


Sealing machine

Tissue paper

Gas/ induction

Relevant information:

            Banana is semi-perishable in nature as it contains about 80% moisture. Therefore, post-production banana management is important as that of pre-production. On average 0.56% and 3.4% of bananas losses during storage in India. At the ripening and processing stages, losses were estimated at 1-5% and were associated with softening and rotting of fruit mainly because some hands were placed on others as well as the use of poor processing facilities. Therefore, it is important to minimize the post-harvest losses of bananas. Processing of bananas is easier because it makes storage easier due to a reduction in bulkiness and an increase in shelf life. It also adds value to the banana and therefore gives a better return.


          Good shape, disease free, and matured but green bananas are selected for making the chips. Freshly harvested banana has more chips recovery compared to the stored ones. The sliced pieces were either dried at high temperatures to a moisture content below 5-8% or directly fried in oil medium flame.

Method of preparation of banana chips:

Recipe: Mature but green banana-10 numbers, salt to season- as per requirement, chilli powder-1 to 2 table spoons/ black pepper powder- 1 table spoon/ other spices- as per the requirements.

Flow sheet for banana chips


Quantity of banana taken= _________(kg)_

Quantity of peel obtained=___________

Amount of final product prepared=__________

Percentage recovery of banana chips==__________



1.      The freshly banana should be used, as it will impart better colouration to the chips as well as we can obtain good recovery of chips.

2.      Similar size of banana must be selected to obtain attractive chips packets. by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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