Model questions for Hi-tech. Horticulture Course

 Model questions for Hi-tech. Horticulture Course

Short notes:

1.     Micropropagation

2.     Nursery definition and types

3.     HDP benefits

4.     Systems of planting in fruit crops

5.     Importance of Hi-tech. horticulture

6.     Scope of Hi-tech. horticulture

7.     Enlist the types of nurseries

8.     Define GIS and enlist its components

9.     Define remote sensing and enlist its components

10. Define GPS and describe the data used in it

11. What is mechanized harvesting describe with examples

12. Define micropropagation

13. Define EC and pH

14.  Importance of protected cultivation

15.  Types of protected structures used in protected cultivation

16. Describe the different types of nurseries

17. VRA

18. What are the benefits of Canopy management

Long questions

1.     Discuss the scope and importance of Hi-tech. horticulture.

2.     Define nursery and in detail, describe the types of nurseries.

3.     What is HDP, its importance and elaborate considering a fruit crop.

4.     What is GIS. Enlist its components. Draw a sketch of the working principle of GIS.

5.     What is GPS. Enlist its components. Draw a sketch of the working principle of GPS.

6.     What is RS. Enlist its components. Draw a sketch of the working principle of RS.

7.     Mechanized harvesting of crops highlights the importance of robotic harvesters and sensors in it.

8.     Describe the Micropropagation with suitable diagrams.

9.     Describe the Micro irrigation with its components and types.

10. Canopy management in fruit crops.

11. Describe the different training methods followed in Grape.

12. In detail, describe EC, pH-based fertilizer scheduling. by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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