Question 2(Basic horticulture)

Question 2: Fill in the blanks (Basic horticulture)

1.    Horticulture word is derived from _____________ language.

Answer: Latin word


2.    The meaning of word “hortus” is____________.

Answer: Garden


3.    __________________ is regarded as the father of horticulture in India.

Answer: Dr. M. H. Marigowda


4.    __________________ is regarded as the Father of American Horticulture.

Answer: Liberty Hyde Bailey


5.    ____________ invented the lawn mower and in the__________. 

Answer: Edwin Budding, 1830s


6.    Pomology is the systematic cultivation of______________.

Answer: Fruits


7.    Condiments are the food adjunct generally used to add____________ to the food.

Answer: Test


8.    Scientific cultivation of vegetable crops is called ____________.

Answer: Olericulture


9.    The woody perennials grown in an estate, managed by a single person or company and the product         of which can be used only after processing are _______________ crops.

Answer: Plantation crops


10.    Spices add ____________ to food.

Answer: Flavour

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