Question 1(Basic horticulture)

Question 1: Fill in the blanks (Basic horticulture)

i. Fruits and vegetables are known as___________________ food.

Answer: Protective food

ii. _____________is the recommended dose of green leaf vegetables according to the ICMR recommendation.

Answer: 125g

iii. The plant yielding alkaloid and steroid principles which have preventive and curative 
properties are known as____________.

Answer: Medicinal plants

iv. Father of modern Orchidology ___________________.

Answer: John Lindley

v. Full form of ICMR _________________.

Answer: Indian Council of Medical Research

vi. _________________ is the Scientific name of Okra.

Answer: Abelmoschus esculentus L

vii. ________________ is the Scientific name of coconut.

Answer: Cocos nucifera L.

viii. The fruit type of pineapple is _______________________.

Answer: Mulitiple fruit

ix. According to photoperiod Guava is a  _____________________ plant.

Answer: Day neutral plant

x. Horticulture sector contribute ___________ % to the national income among the agriculture sector.

Answer: 33% by subhrajyoti's horticulture

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