Flower Induction

Flower Induction

Flower induction is the physiological process of the plant by which the plant has competency to produce floral buds or flowers. This hormonal change occurs at the shoot apical meristem which provides the signal to the apical meristem to produce floral bud instead of the vegetative or leafy bud.

Plant which has already completed its juvenile period is capable for bearing flower. There are three processes involved in a reproductively mature plant before flowering. They are:

1. Flower initiation- The plant has hormonal changes which gives signal for development of floral primordial.
2. Floral evocation- The processes occurs at the shoot apex which gives irreversible commitment for development of flower organ.
3. Floral differentiation- The differentiation of flower primordia. This phase is an irreversible phase as the chemical changes are already taken place. 

There are various factors which trigger the induction of flower like photoperiod, thermoperiod, moisture and nutrient availability, cold treatment or vernalization etc.

Florigen is known as the flowering hormone which can be activated by gibberellic acid (GA) hence GA is commonly used as flower inducing growth regulator.


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