In general when a fruit plant doesn’t bear fruit though it has attended the age or it bear fruit but they are not retained by the plant till maturity then the situation of the plant is said to be unfruitfulness or barrenness. If it is not corrected as soon as possible then there will be huge loss to the grower. We have already discussed the causes behind this, hence now we will gain idea how to control the particular problem.

We have to take proper precautions from the selection of plant till harvesting of the final produce to overcome this problem. For example choosing one variety not suitable for particular climate or over bearing in on year hence there will be an off year etc. are the major problems which should be overlooked in every possible way. Following are some precautions against unfruitfulness in orchard crop.

1. Choice of the crop and variety:

The crop and cultivar must be selected according to the climatic requirement or adoptability. If one temperate crop will be grown in tropical climate it only has vegetative growth. Apple is a temperate crop if we grow it in tropical climate, it will not bear flower or fruit due to unavailability of suitable dormancy period for flower induction. There are some recently developed low chilling cultivar of temperate crops for example Tropical beauty cultivar of apple which can be cultivated in subtropical climate also.

2. Proper soil condition:

Before going for orchard area selection the grower must have idea regarding the soil nutrient status. The orchard soil should be brought to optimum pH and nutritional condition by amending and adding organic matter respectively to it before transplanting operation. The field should be sterilised before planting of new seedling to avoid further damage of crop due to harmful microorganisms.

3. Provision of windbreak and shelter belts:

Heavy wind may damage the crop by breaking the branches, washing out the pollen grain, making the stigmatic surface dry before pollination, dessicating the immature fruit or succulent twig and dropping of mature fruit before harvesting. The wind breaks are trees planted around the orchard in wind ward side to protect the main crop from the severity of damaging wind. Since wind breaks are very effective in reducing the wind velocity and minimizing the damage to the fruit trees hence they are most important for areas where strong wind prevails.

4. Tendency of alternate bearing:

Problem of unfruitfulness due to tendency of alternate bearing should be over come through replacement of regular bearing varieties and crop regulation

5. Proper pruning activities:

After first few years of the training operation if we will leave the plant as such, it will produce vigorous vegetative growth thereby making the plant unfruitful. As most of the photosynthates are being utilized for production of vegetative flush flowering process will be hampered. Hence at regular interval the diseased, undesired, already fruited branches, criss cross branches, water shoots or suckers, thin branches must be removed for enhancing production. By scientific pruning operation proper sunlight will be available to the interior of the plant which restrict aggravation of pathogens as well increases fruitfulness in orchard.

6. Management of heavy flowering:

When the plant is at heavy flowering stage it will utilise most of the stored carbohydrate for fruit set and development and in the subsequent year it will produce no or less flower and fruit. Hence the heavy flowering must be managed by proper flower thinning before fruit setting.

7. Disease and pest management:

Disease and pest are the most important cause of unfruitfulness in orchard. Hence they should be regulated by taking proper control measures before their occurrence.

8. Proper availability of irrigation:

Irrigation management have key role during situations with drought and waterlogged conditions. The fruit plant need most of the irrigation during the critical growth stages like active vegetative growth and fruit development stage during which any shortage in available water causes unfruitfulness or reduction in yield. Again most of the active or feeder roots of the plant are present in surface soil zone hence water logging situation must be avoided by constructing proper drainage channel in orchard.

9. Maintenance of nutrient status inside the plant:

Maintenance of critical nutrient status in tree for optimum crop production by adopting correct nutritional programme based on plant and soil analysis must be taken to overcome the unfruitfulness in fruit plants.

10. Problems related to pollination:

Problem of pollination due to heterostyly, dichogamy, incompatibility, sterility, embryo abortion, hybridity, etc. must be overcome by growing a mixture of varieties for effective pollinization.  Honey bees boxes or pollinator species must be installed in adequate number for facilitating pollination. Unfruitfulness due to slow growth of pollen tube, premature and delayed pollination can be overcome by use of plant regulators.

11. Management of old and senile plantation:

When the plantation gets old it will never give desired yield as during that time the vigour of plants will decline. Hence in old and senile plantation rejuvenation program must be taken with high yielding desired cultivars to boost up the yield.

               Proper care to plant will give you more than desired returns in terms of food fuel or timber. By growing plant in specific climatic condition and maintaining the good health condition of plant unfruitfulness can be overcome.


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